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Who I Am

I'm a tech and startup enthusiast currently residing in Regina, Canada, doing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Regina. I have worked at Intercloud Limited, which is the first public cloud company in Bangladesh, as a software engineer for two years. Prior to that, I had worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Octaglory and even started my own web marketing agency called Pixelotory when I was in the university. There, I created marketing content for clients and designed logos and websites for their companies.
My passion for coding started when I was in school. I still remember the first time I heard Steve Job's Commencement Speech at Stanford. This memory has been etched into my mind, and I have been interested in everything tech ever since. After pursuing a Computer Science degree for my undergrad from Brac University, I realized how much I truly loved playing around with code. Since then, I have been chasing all that I need to make myself happy: a stable life and bug-free code!

What I Love To Do


I'm so fortunate to have turned my hobby into my career! Even outside of work, I still love to learn and experiment with new projects. The best part? Sharing my knowledge with others! In my free time, I'm always happy to help anyone who asks for it. I also write tutorials on my blog to help others learn and grow with me. Let's keep learning and growing together!

Problem Solving

As a programmer, problem-solving is my jam! It's a crucial skill in my line of work and helps me tackle challenges, no matter the size. Whether I'm fixing bugs or devising creative solutions, problem-solving is the key to finding efficient and effective ways to overcome obstacles. Who knows, maybe someday I'll even start my own successful company! Regardless, I know that my problem-solving skills will always be at the heart of everything I do.

Story Telling

Growing up in a large, close-knit family, storytelling was an integral part of our lives. Whether it was bedtime stories or family conversations, my elders and cousins always had fascinating tales to share. This sparked my passion for the power of storytelling. To me, it's an art that can truly make a difference. Every story - be it through books, movies, songs, or animated short films - has the ability to move us and connect us with each other. That's why I love exploring different mediums of storytelling and have even tried my hand at making animated short films! It's all about bringing creativity and imagination to life.


Let's face it, who doesn't love traveling? To me, it's like soul fuel that energizes me and helps me discover the world around me. Whether I'm dining at a fancy restaurant or enjoying a humble meal in a quiet village, every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. They say, 'Work hard, party harder!' But for me, it's more like 'Travel often, live fully!' Life is short, and there's so much to see and do out there. So why not step out of your comfort zone, explore new horizons, and create some unforgettable memories along the way?

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