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Who I Am

I'm a Bangladesh-based Tech and Startup Enthusiast currently working at Intercloud Limited as a Software Engineer. I have been working with Intercloud, which is the first public cloud company in Bangladesh, for more than a year now. Prior to that, I had worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Octaglory and even started my own web marketing agency called Pixelotory, where I created marketing content for clients and designed logos and websites for their company.
My passion for coding started when I was in school. I still remember the first time I heard Steve Job's Commencement Speech at Stanford. This was a memory etched into my mind, and I have forever been interested in everything tech. After pursuing a Computer Science degree for my undergrad from Brac University, I realized how much I truly loved playing around with code. Ever since then I've been chasing all that I need to make myself happy: a stable life and bug-free code!

What I Love To Do


I have the privilege of doing what I love as my job. What started out as a hobby is now my career and even on my off days, I enjoy learning new things and trying out new projects. With coding, there’s no end to learning. I also believe that it’s important to pass on this knowledge. This is why in my free time, I try to help anybody who's willing to ask and I also regularly update my blog with helpful tutorials.

Problem Solving

All programmers must have this one skill. Lucky for me, I enjoy solving problems of all sorts. Whether it be a bug in a project or even a marketing solution, problem-solving is something that can help tackle large-scale obstacles in smaller, more conceivable ways. If I ever end up becoming a founder of a successful founder, I'm sure my problem-solving skills will be the core focus.

Story Telling

Another fun fact about me is that I grew up in a large, close-knit family. From bedtime stories to regular “addas” or family conversations was a big part of my life. That knack for storytelling was perhaps instilled in me from hearing my elders and cousins telling me hundreds of stories every time we met. I think stories have the power to bring change. Proper storytelling is an art and whether it be movies or books or even songs, everything conveys a story. That’s why I also love playing around with different mediums of storytelling and I've worked with making animated short films as well.


Who doesn’t love traveling? I feel like traveling is what fuels your soul. Whether it be enjoying the high-end cuisine of a famous restaurant or eating by the road in a deep, secluded village, all of it enriches the mind and helps you find yourself. Work hard, party harder, as they say!

What People Say